Engage investors, markets and workers by aligning the stories that count.

The challenges of managing people, attracting investment and securing market position all share one thing in common: The stories between you and them must match up. When they don't you have to align them. Stories To Value helps you to align and use the stories that count in and around your business to help you release the full value of your enterprise.

Stories To Value helps your business over the threshold of new starts, new phases of business development and new work culture initiatives. We use the stories in and around your business to build value by enhancing engagement and cohesion. Stories To Value enables you to live your own story more effectively, improving the message and marketability that are so important for new starts and accelerated growth.

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Using story can help you to:
* Attract investors and engage target markets better than just facts
* Dispel fear and uncertainty among investors and target markets
* Create mental images that stick for investors, target markets and work force
* Make complex ideas simple and attractive to investors, target markets and workforce
* Position yourself effectively to cope with social, economic and cultural changes in workforce culture, target markets and investment trends
* Underpin the acceleration of your business with consistent meaning in times of exponential change
* Ensure that the operations of your company and the behaviours of its people are consistent with your mission and ethos

Stories To Value programmes enable you to identify the driving forces behind your company's story and to align it with the driving forces behind the stories of your people, your investors and your target markets. This is the key to securing cohesion, investment and market position.
Stories To Value improves the profile, positioning, cohesion, focus and targeting of your business. Our unique programmes and creative thinking tools add value by enhancing your creativity and collaboration skills and the cohesive engagement and motivation of those you work with, in other words, they help you live the story. We also help you respond effectively to cultural change and diversity in and around your business, releasing the full value of your human capital and ensuring consistent alignment with a widening market.

When George Lucas set himself the task of creating a world that does not fall apart 5 minutes later, for Star Wars, he turned to story expert Joseph Campbell for advice ...
Lucas understood that all human behaviours and organisations are underpinned by a mythology made of stories that define the meaning of action, value and purpose. This science of mythology-dynamics is part of a highly specialised branch of anthropology called 'mythography'. If you want to underpin your business to prosper in times of rapid change you too need to understand how story works in, around and through you, and how it can be used to maintain the alignment of your strategies, operations and messages with the fluid context in which your company operates.