David's Story

Dr. David Avery, Founder.
My whole life is an example of how to create new beginnings in challenging circumstances. As a bewildered young person, unparented, expelled from school and at risk, I turned to education in my mid-20s. Attending the University of Sussex, I graduated top of my year in philosophy and received a full scholarship to do a Doctorate in narrative aspects of learning and cultural development. When it comes to using the transformative power of story I've lived it, studied it and developed a unique offering. I have spent the past 20 years as a teacher, trainer, storyteller and learning consultant specialising in engagement and cultural alignment. In 2013, I shifted my focus from education to business, for I realise now that business leads social and economic change more than education does.

The business environment in which you operate is overloaded with information. The Stories To Value process can help you find the keys to pulling together what is useful into a narrative that you can align with your own. This is the key to living your story and achieving maximum authenticity and engagement of markets, investors and workforce. If you want someone to help you transform your story and start something new, find someone who has transformed his own story and made something new himself!

There are three main reasons why I set up Stories To Value:

I am devoted to improving the health of our society and economy ...
At Stories To Value that means helping businesses use their stories and the stories around them in order to function more effectively. From the earliest times our economy has revolved around story because it gives meaning, value and purpose to all we do in business and beyond. Society is more sophisticated now and the stories involved with our businesses are much more complex than those of primitive hunter gatherers; that's all the more reason to pay even closer attention to them!

I am passionate about the ability of story to improve the effectiveness of business ...
Today's stories are more complex because society is more complex and fast-changing, with more cultural diversity, more powerful technology, faster communications and greater mobility. Because the speed of change in the world is getting faster today's businesses must be increasingly dynamic and responsive; an awareness of how to balance the changes and align them to our advantage is essential to business success as we move forward into the new world of the 21st century.

I believe that people hold the keys to success ...
Business is all about people; people are the business and people are composed of their stories. I am committed to helping clients use the stories in and around their business in ways that add meaning and value. Successful businesses make a healthy economy; the future of your business depends on using story well and the future itself depends on you really living it!