Why Story?

Story is how humans create meaning ... It forms a web of perception that links the things we see into a pattern which makes sense to our minds. Without story our world is just a random series of unconnected events.

Story helps us create our reality ... Story enables us to classify and manage the bits that our world is made of. And if we learn to use it we can transform reality by changing the story.

Story lives in us and acts on us in ways that can work for or against us ... A story is not just about events in life, it is a living event itself, it does not depend on being known or told, e.g. the story of the big bang existed before physicists discovered it. It is very important to own your story or it might own you. If it does you will lose control of your identity, which undermines your authenticity and purpose. You need to own and use your story so you can steer it and truly live it, otherwise it can lead you anywhere.

If you don't use story, story will use you ... When you own your story your identity becomes clearer to you; when you tell your story what you want people to think and how you want them to act becomes clearer to them; but only when you actually live your story in all parts of your strategy and operations will others experience your authentic offering.

Story is not just words it is living action ... Story is not just told, but lived. In traditional societies it marks the times and methods of hunting, planting and harvesting. This enabled people to work organically with their ever-changing environment. Today's businesses still need to do that, but it is a more complex task now because our economy is more sophisticated. Traditionally, story also marks the passage of life with significant experiences (e.g. rites of passage), influencing behaviour by giving a clear sense of identity, cohesion, engagement, direction and purpose, qualities your business needs too. Story lives and flows through us and around us. When you know and live your story, aligning it with those around you, the footprint of your business can maintain its shape and stay on course as it grows and progresses in the world.

Your story is a drop in an ocean of story ... If you don't use story your identity is diluted and lost.

Your business is like a boat in the ocean of story, carrying you to your destined goal ... Navigating the ocean of story you use the tides, currents and streams of the ocean of stories affecting your business. Story can have a tidal or cyclic rhythm of change, like any other life form. It changes through a process of dialogue, as the story is told, lived and tested in the world it is modified and refined. Steering this change is more like steering a boat than steering a car: you have to use the tides, streams and currents of the ocean of story to stay on course!

Story embodies business and gives it character... Its role in business was embodied in Greek mythology by Hermes-Mercury, the smooth tongued 'god' of the elevator pitch whose name gives us the words 'market', 'merchandise', commercial, and 'mercurial', the essence of outstanding business skills to this day!

Working with story is fascinating fun, it's useful in lots of valuable ways, it's everywhere and it's free ...
learn how to use it!