What We Offer



  • Improved identification of opportunities and challenges and of how to meet them
  • Improved positioning of your business
  • Improved targeting of products and services
  • Improved creative thinking in response to specific opportunities and challenges
  • Improved adaptability of structures and processes in response to rapid external change
  • Improved consistency of message and ethos in the context rapid internal growth and market expansion
  • Improved public and professional profile for your business
  • improved inter-cultural communication
  • Improved clarity and appeal of message to customers and investors
  • improved motivation and engagement of workers
  • Improved cohesion and resilience within the business
  • Increased value of worker experience and competencies
  • Four stage programme: identifying narrative status quo, needs, strategic development, operational improvement
  • Four unique tools designed to enable groups and individuals to go through the four stage process
  • A facilitated experience of discovery for individuals and stakeholder groups
  • Stages two and four employ a qualitative ethnographic methodology based in phenomenology
  • Stage three uses dialogue to align members of your team, and to align you with target customers and investors
  • Pre-programme research to ensure the programme has the appropriate focus and includes the right people
  • Post-programe reviews to monitor effectiveness and to fine tune your use of story
  • Detailed session notes, feedback and summaries
  • The journey and destination of your business captured as a story, collage, symbol and strapline

STV specialises in narrative alignment so that you can align the stories that affect your business:
1 - Align your people to improve engagement and motivation:
We can all be engaged and motivated in our work. A recent Gallup survey showed 59% of workers were disengaged. A similar survey this year (2013) shows that figure has now jumped to 70%!

Every business needs to tell its story well and align the stories within it and around it to make them useful, it is surprising how many businesses leak value by not ensuring this kind of cohesion. Owners, workers, investors, customers, markets, collaborators, suppliers and competitors have stories composed of their experience, competencies, preferences, aims and requirements, and these stories grow in the 'higher order' stories of history (hi-story): social-economic conditions, regulations, technology, culture, values, myths and beliefs. Businesses seldom have the time or the tools to align and use all these stories. We provide that time and those tools, helping you navigate the ocean of story to arrive at the best possible destination.

2 - Align with change in markets and society
  • The growth of flexible working and portfolio life
  • The need to socialise our business models
  • The geo-political battle for future markets
  • The shift from profit to purpose
  • Redefining value in terms of shared meaning
  • Shortage of resources
  • Transformation of the financial system through community currencies, cashless barter systems, digital wallets and mobile banking