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Stories To Value is a new concept and a new company, started in 2013. It was founded in response to interest from the business sector in David's work with narrative approaches to engagement in the education world. So far David has worked with the following business consultants and leaders:

Expert Alumni, executive headhunting consultancy (narrative development and blogging)

The Joplin Group leadership and e-collaboration collective (start-up narrative development and alignment - ongoing)

Group Partners Ltd, corporate creative thinking consultancy (David is also member of the Group Partners 'Expert Network')

Global Experience Networks (gleXnet), global social economy platform for knowledge based portfolio professionals (startup narrative development and alignment with investors, clients and members - ongoing

And here are some of their testimonials:

“Stunning!” (John Caswell, CEO Group Partners ltd. corporate leadership consultancy.)

"David is a superb wordsmith with the intellectual and intuitive ability to get the big picture clear. His ability to grasp, capture and communicate the complex web of stories around global changes in the way that work is done makes him a highly valued and respected member of the team at Global Experience Networks." (Jon Glesinger, founder gleXnet and Expert Alumni.)

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That is just the beginning ... The world is a pearl in our oyster. There is a strong trend towards using story to help with business development, as you can see from some of the other companies using it. Here is a just a tiny sample:

  • Xerox - recognising that its repair personnel learned to fix machines by trading stories rather than reading manuals - has created its stories into a database called Eureka that Fortune estimates is worth $100 million to the company.
  • In 'Good Companies Are Storytellers. Great Companies Are Storydoers', by Ty Montague (Harvard Business Review Blog, 1:00 PM July 16, 2013) research shows that companies who use storytelling to inform their actions, who live the story instead of just telling it (including Walt Disney, Starbucks, American Express, Apple, Jet Blue, and IBM), get 20 times as many social media mentions, spend almost a third less on advertising and grow almost twice as quickly, Click here for more detail:
  • Mitsui - Utsuda (Chief Executive & President) has instilled storytelling as an important part of their planning process. Utsuda encouraged all employees to tell a story at their annual review about why a goal was important to them and the company, how it aligned with their values as well as the company’s, and what good it would do them and the company in the future. The process of creating, telling, and sharing stories was instrumental in changing Mitsui’s culture. It led employees to sell their ideas more persuasively and made them think about the quality of the work they would do before calculating the profits.
  • Canon - Fujio Mitarai, Canon’s chairman, asks everyone to submit an annual business plan with a story. He kicks off the process by writing a story about how the company can achieve the numerical goals he has established. That trickles down through senior managers and middle managers to all employees. Everyone at Canon has to back up the numbers with a narrative. 'That’s how skills are cultivated and our people grow,' Mitarai explains. 'It forms the foundation of Canon’s strength.'