Stage 2 - Archetype profiling

Focus: Identifying your current position in the Narrative Matrix.

Description: Archetype Profiling helps you to identify, use and increase the full power of your company's situation, systems and structures, as well as capturing the experience, competencies, motivations and learning journeys of the people within it and surrounding it ...
People often think of archetypes as character types, but in fact they are so much more than that. They include themes (e.g. conflict, union, transition), categories of experience (e.g. challenge, opportunity, quest, learning), models of character development (e.g. trickster, hero, wise elder) and organising principles (e.g. geometry, trajectory, number, velocity). Your archetype is not just a character, it is a stage in your journey as an individual and as a company.

Methodology: Facilitated sessions using dialogue about data gathered through qualitative 'phenomenological' ethnographic research methodology that locates meaning in the person's experience of a situation.This may include conversations with owners, leadership team, chosen personnel, a segmented sample of customers, suppliers and investors. This combines with mapping and analysis of management structures and processes, company architecture, conceptual scaffolding, market trends and trajectories to provide a complete picture of your current archetype profile.

Participants: Conversations with a range of stakeholders, feedback to company owners and/or leadership team.

Outcome: A clear view of the main stories involved and of the questions and challenges to be addressed.

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