Stage 3 - The Ball Cube

Focus: strategic development, connecting and resolving the diverse elements identified in stages 1 and 2.

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Description: The Ball Cube is a high-definition problem-solving game-experience that enables you to 'square the circle' in 3D! It enables new understandings and ways of working together, giving you traction to drive positive development in work cultures, and it resolves diverse elements of the narratives in and around your business ...
You enter a white windowless room. The walls double as video screens and whiteboards. The room goes dark and a 3D holographic sphere is projected into the middle of the room. Inside it swirls a kaleidoscopic mist of 100 words and images (aspects of the issue to be resolved) pre-programmed by the participants. The sphere expands, enveloping the players. On reaching the walls it freezes into a cube. At each of the 8 corners of the cube is a word, a phrase or a question randomly selected from the swirling mist. The participants work together to connect and resolve these factors into 'narrative threads'. This hi-tec facility is due in 2014, but The Ball Cube is already a problem solving and change facilitation game-experience just as described above in a low-tec form.

Methodology: The Ball Cube is a dialogue based game-experience.

Participants: The Ball Cube is a group activity designed for leadership teams and relevant personnel. Samples of the target market, investors and other stakeholders may also take part.

Outcome: Drawing together the diverse elements of the story-threads to be aligned in the following stage.

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