Stage 4 - DNA (Dynamic Narrative Alignment)

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Focus: operational improvement, aligning the dynamics of the narratives defined in stage 2.

Description: DNA has a unique ability to classify all the narratives operating in a given situation and to identify step-by-step strategies for aligning them to a desired end ...
In any business situation there are as many different stories as there are people, and the stories change over time. This might include stories of entrepreneurs, investors, executives, workers, products/services, customers (actual and potential), social-economic context and more. When the stories do not match up we experience disruption. Dynamic Narrative Alignment aligns all these stories so the desired reality can emerge for the improved wellbeing of the company.

The double helix design of DNA unifies the duality of emotional-feeling and rational-thought elements of the human stories affecting your company ...

The elements of the story-threads defined in stage 3 (The Ball Cube) are formed into two circles (as each story affects the others creating a circularity) under the headings 'Fire' (right brain, intuition, emotion, feeling) and 'Ice' (left brain, rationality, logic, thinking). In a process of dialogue these circles are then stretched out into two interwoven spirals (life is not circular but spiral, progressing in cycles). The emerging double helix does not just look like a DNA strand, it acts like one, with the growth pattern of your particular business narrative illustrated in the resulting model.

Methodology: Facilitated sessions using dialogue and visual mapping. Phenomenological ethnographic methodology may be used with larger companies to help determine the precise dynamics of various stakeholders' narratives.

Participants: The DNA facilitation process itself involves senior managers and company owners only (it can be used with groups or individuals).

Outcome: A clear roadmap of how to use the dynamic of narratives in and around your company to improve wellbeing, communications and efficiency.